What one Fargo Welcoming Week official thinks of POV viewers

We shared thoughts that were emailed to us from one official with Fargo's Welcoming Week.


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Welcome back to Point of View. This week all across America is being what's called Welcoming Week. It started on Friday and lasts all this week. Tonight I’m going to share a bit about welcoming week with you, and also the contempt that one of the leaders of the New American Consortium has for you and the general public. To me, stunning stuff going on. It’s sponsored by Welcoming America. It’s a group that may be funded by George Soros. It’s basically where elitists tell you things like this, during this annual series of events community bring together immigrants and U.S. born residents in the spirit of unity, including new Americans, which is obviously the pc term for refugees. I’ve known about welcoming week for quite some time. There’s a new report coming out. Whole report on that as well.

I wanted to have one of the leaders and New Americans on Point of View to talk about the transition that refugees make coming to America and also talk about some of the welcoming week events taking place in Fargo this week. Back on august 19th, I emailed Kevin Brooks, he's an English professor at NDSU, he's a leader of a group called the New American Consortium. I’m going to show you an email between myself and him and producer Anne. Please stay with me as I’m going through emails and graphics. Before I do this, I quickly want to share with you, the New American Consortium mission statement. After I read this, you tell me, in the emails, tell me who is actually following the mission statement more, either myself or producer Anne or Kevin Brooks, the professor. “Integrating diverse people to build one community by building trusting relationships.”

This is my email back on August 19th of this year and I said, “Kevin, I was visiting with Commissioner Strand today about welcoming week. I’d love to have you and New Americans and/or other people involved with welcoming week on Point of View to help you promote the events of the week and tell people more about it.”

Sounds simple, right?

Back on September 8th, producer Anne here from POV followed up with an email that said, “Kevin, we would like to have you and someone involved in well week and any New Americans here on 630pov. We believe it will help us show others about this group and also promote the events of Welcoming Week.”

So Kevin Brooks responds. At the beginning of his email he told producer Anne and myself about Valley News Live and how much he doesn't like us. I’ll share that with you in a moment. What I want to focus on is the contempt Kevin has for you, the general public, in our area and also how much more intelligent, how much more morally superior he is than us. How dare one of us can expect a professor to talk to us, you, the deplorables? What are we thinking? Why should he have to stoop to a deplorable level. This is part of what he wrote to us when we invited him to talk to us and promote welcoming week. He goes on in part and says this, “also need to point out it should not be our job -- keep in mind this is a leader of the New American Consortium -- should not be our job to help your viewers understand new Americans. There is nothing we can do in 12 minutes to explain the complexity of New Americans to viewers who know nothing about the topic. Viewers need to educate themselves. The white majority needs to educate themselves. If we were talking to an informed audience, 12 minutes might be appropriate.”

That is about arrogant and hubris and everything else that you can put on a person when you're a professor at NDSU, number 2, you're a leader of the New American Consortium - we invite you on the show and -- invite you on the show and even if we were going to ask you tough questions, defend your position. But to call the people in the valley a bunch of rubes is absolutely absurd and to have arrogance and hubris to not show up on the show, we would love to have that kind of knowledge and intelligence and all those great things, Mr. Brooks, so you can share them with us, the deplorables. I think it's terrible what a gentleman -- he claims to be a leader of a New American Consortium is writing about you and I here in our community.

I do want to show you the first part of his email as well, just so you can road it. it says, “because of KVLY and your shows unfair and inflammatory reporting of New American issues over the past year, our group is hesitant to appear on POV. We would need to see and approve the set of questions that would guide the segment in advance -- never happens on this show -- and we would appreciate Chris opening the segment with an apology to the New American community for fueling anti-refugee” in the community.”

Nobody me, or on this show has ever been anti-refugee. We just want transparency. If you can go out and have transparency about how great things are going because we have refugees coming to the community and they're a huge asset, I think myself and most North Dakotans are going to go great.

That's why I’m presenting this very soon, you are going to see a report come from the New American Economy association that shows how great refugees are for the community. I would ask you to review this quote unquote study. I’ll get to that in a moment with a very critical eye. Because clearly they didn't have a critical eye when they slapped this thing together because look how they spelled Moorhead. They didn't ask what are the costs of having refugees in the community.it was simply economic benefits so please note this is a one-sided study. View it with a critical eye. We’d love to know your point of view of what Mr. Brooks has to say. Email us, text us, call us, leave us a voice mail. When we come back we're going to talk about the clash of cultures taking place between sharia and the constitution. Much more coming up after this.