Southern Cass County expected to be hit hard by flooding

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CASS COUNTY, N.D. (Valley News Live) Marilyn Gohdes’s farm near Mapleton has been in her husband's family for three generations. She says she hasn’t seen flood waters this bad in nearly a decade.

“It hasn't been to this extreme. There's a tremendous amount of water around here and yeah it's concerning to us,” Gohdes’s said.

Gohdes considers herself fortunate because the roads by her neighbors are closed, making it difficult for them to travel.

“We have a dike around the farmstead, we're constantly looking for water to go over. We're fortunate to the north of us, we're able to get out on the road. But to the south, it has been blocked off,” Gohdes said.

Cass County held a meeting Thursday at Kindred High School to discuss the flood’s impact in the southern part of the county.

County officials are bracing for moderate flooding.

Jason Benson, Cass County Engineer, said they are focused on the Davenport area – south of Mapelton – and Harwood.

“I think over the next three days people can expect conditions to get worse, as the water, the river rises,” Benson said.

Overland flooding is just as big of an issue as the rising rivers.

“It stayed so cold and a lot of culverts are still frozen up. There is still a lot of snow and ice in these drainage ditches.” Benson said.

Benson said Cass County has already sent 15,000 sandbags to the Harwood area.

Closer to where the Gohdes’s live in Mapelton is the Gross Family. Flood waters can be seen a few feet away from their front yard.

“Right now, there's just this nice and steady thaw,” Chase Gross said. “We never think there's going to be any drastic water change. So if it keeps going like this, everything should be fine.”

Gross said his family has a plan in place in case flood waters do come on to their property.