Should Senator Heitkamp vote for what she wants or what you want?

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Is Senator Heidi Heitkamp elected by you, the people of North Dakota, to represent what you want or what she wants?

Senator Bernie Sanders beat Secretary Clinton in the North Dakota caucus by earning 64% of the vote. It was a resounding victory for Senator Sanders, and yet Senator Heitkamp, as a superdelegate, is choosing to vote for Secretary Clinton rather than who her constituents voted for, Senator Sanders.

North Dakota delegates headed to the DNC convention in Philadelphia are not happy with Senator Heitkamp, so 13 of the 22 delegates have put together a harsh resolution criticizing Senator Heitkamp for not supporting the will of the people of North Dakota. It is being reported that the resolution claims Senator Heitkamp is being “disrespectful to the people of our great state…(and) the political process” by not voting the will of the people.

Long time talk radio personality and now RT America host of “News with Ed” Ed Schultz seems to agree with the people on the resolution. On May 13th, when Senator Sanders was in Fargo, I bumped into Ed Schultz and I asked him about the superdelegate process and if he thought it was rigged or not.

You can hear his thoughts in the video below, and he calls Senator Al Franken a disappointment for not voting the will of the people (1:18) and he also calls out Senator Heitkamp saying this is not about what she wants or what anybody else wants, it is about what the people want (2:25 - 2:36)

Do you feel Sentor Heitkamp should vote the will of her constituents or for what she feels is best?