POV Round Table Discusses President-elect Donald Trump calling CNN Fake News

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Friday night our Round Table with Scott Hennen, host of What’s On Your Mind on AM 1100 The Flag, Marty Riske, former ND gubernatorial candidate on the Libertarian ticket, plus Bernie Erickson, a Hillary supporter joined us to discuss several issues. We started with President-elect Donald Trump’s press conference on Wednesday.

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Russian dossier and Trump presser from Wednesday morning.

1:55 - Bernie ERickson - Regardless of whether you loved or hated Obama he always behaved with dignified restraint in all circumstances. Scott Hennen almost threw up in his mouth and yelled out, “Ohhh please…”

3:50 - Marty Riske says CNN may never ride on Air Force One and the impact of “yellow journalism” in our country.

5:05 - Scott Hennen says, “Journalism is dead,” and he is glad Trump did what he did what he did at the press conference because he says, “CNN is a joke.”

6:36- Is FAKE NEWS now the REAL NEWS, and how do we begin to make sure the public is getting the TRUTH from our media outlets.

8:00 - People would rather be entertained than informed.

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