Over 50,000 sandbags made on first day of sandbag central

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) The flood fight is on!

Volunteers were hard at work today at day one of sandbag central, as they try and reach the goal of one million sandbags by April 5th.

We talked with Mayor Tim Mahoney just before 6pm, and he says he thinks there easily were more than 50,000 sandbags made just today.

Dozens of middle school students packed inside the north Fargo building earlier this morning and afternoon, and for most, it was their first time flood fighting.

But many others have done this song and dance before.

"Well I lived through 97' and 2009 and I remember how bad it got and so I'm trying to prevent it from getting that bad again," Trevor Sessing said.

"In 09' I remember it seemed more frantic. This time around, it's more organized," Heather Boerger said.

Many volunteers say the amount of kids here sandbagging is encouraging, hoping it changes other people in the Valley's attitude on the potential flood.

"I do like that the kids are out getting involved. Unfortunately some people say, 'Not my problem,' so I like that the kids are out here saying that it is their problem," Sessing said.

Mayor Mahoney says local middle schoolers will be working at sandbag central for the rest of the week, as well as next week.

"You do something that's not for yourself. So it's cool. A little dusty, but cool!" Boerger said.

Officials say as long as volunteer numbers continue to stay strong, they don't see a problem with hitting their one million sandbag goal. However, city officials say just because there were a lot of volunteers today, doesn't mean they won't continue to need help in the coming days.

"I want to be as helpful as I can. I have most of my friends coming with me on Thursday, so hopefully everyone gets out and does their part," Sessing said.

Many volunteers tell us the same thing about this years flood fight: It's better to be safe than sorry. Many adding that they're happy the city is being proactive.