#NoDAPL Protesters Getting Paid - Is This Proof?

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Someone is soliciting to pay #NoDAPL protesters in Fargo via Craigslist. Here is a picture of the posting on Craigslist.

He is inviting people to show up at West Acres Mall this Friday to protest the pipeline.

The protesters want you to believe this is an organic movement, and for many of them it may be what is in their hearts, and unfortunately paying protesters takes away and diminishes and discredits the people that are sincerely standing with Standing Rock.

On another note of sincerity, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has hired Earthjustice, an environmental nonprofit law firm, to represent them in their lawsuits against the the Federal Government. Earthjustice often uses a “sue and settle” strategy, where they sue a government agency, settle, and this allows the group to recoup attorney’s fees (you can learn more by clicking on the documents attached to this article).

As you learn more about Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s budget situation, you begin to wonder if this is all really about protecting the water or maybe it is about something else.

The Tribe Received A $48 Million Settlement From The Federal Government In 2012, But Spent All The Money. “He looks back two years ago, before he was chairman, when the tribe received a $48 million settlement from the federal government as a result of federal mismanagement of tribal trust lands. The money was split — $5,000 to tribal members, $4,000 to each household and $1,000 to off-reservation members. ‘Instead of building up our finances or paying down debt, it’s all gone,’ he said.” (Lauren Donovan, “Some cuts hurt, but tribal chairman says austerity will secure the future,” Bismarck Tribune, 9/6/14)

The Standing Rock Sioux Were Facing A $6 Million Budget Deficit For Their 2015 Budget. “The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation says the tribe is going to have to make significant budget cuts this year if it wants to reduce a $6 million deficit. Chairman Dave Archambault announced his proposed budget for 2015 this week, which includes cuts in casino-funded positions and political appointees within the tribe, according to the Bismarck Tribune.” (“Standing Rock Sioux chairman: Budget cuts needed,” The Associated Press, 9/7/14)

Is there more to these protests than just protecting the water? I have invited Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault on Point of View more than several times. At this point, he has declined all of our offers. Hopefully, for the sake of TRUTH, he will accept my offer and answer questions, so we can shine light on how we can peacefully and powerfully solve this situation.