Five last minute Christmas card tips

(North Dakota Today) - It's that time of year again, when mailboxes are flooded with pictures of your friends and families giving their season's greeting in a holiday card. Hectic every day lives can make putting that perfect card together difficult, and many people tend to run out of time.

Lindsey Arbach with Lindsey Kaye Photography shares some last minute tips that will help you pull together your project.

1. Compile photos you already have from the year and make a collage.
2. Grab the camera and take some fun candid photos of the kids doing something fun.
3. Set up a tripod or set a timer on your phone to get the whole family captured together.
4. Have fun and be silly! For example something as simple as snapping a few shots while baking together in your kitchen could turn into a really cute card.
5. Don't stress too much! Your finished product doesn't have to be perfect. And remember, there's always the option of making New Years Cards if you're too late!