How to ease back into running outdoors

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Fargo, ND - Once that snow begins to melt, many runner want to hit the ground, well, running. However, Sanford POWER Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Kendall Railing, says it's not as easy as it sounds.

"They're going to think, 'ohh I've been training outside all... inside all winter and I'm going to get outside and hammer it,' and you know it's going to be different. There's going to be a change and it's not going to be as easy as one would think," says Railing.

And although the sun may be shining, weather is the second thing runners need to take into consideration. The first is remembering the pavement isn't as forgiving as a treadmill. Railing says, "the surface is going to be a lot harder. So, it might be best not to do, jump full board outside. But, if you've been running three to four days a week inside, maybe run two or three days inside and get outside that one or two times a week and just gradually work your way into more outdoor training."

Another reason why it's important to adjust your body to running outdoors is to avoid injuries. Shin splints can be common among runners and once you jump off of that treadmill and onto the pavement, you may feel sore for the first few runs.

"You're going to get more activity through your hamstrings. The back of your legs. You're going to probably feel some more quad soreness because of that pounding and impact you have landing on the concrete," says Railing.

But, if you're itching to enjoy the fresh air on your next jog, there is a way you can make the transition a bit easier. Railings advice, "one thing they can do is maybe run with some incline on the treadmill and that will help. Maybe if there's an indoor track. You're actually running on the ground and not having to have that treadmill assist you while you're running."

Railing also wants to remind runners to be aware of their surroundings and not just for cars, but for those stubborn ice patches, too. He also suggests that runners wear layered clothing and to look for items that have wicking material because it will prevent moisture.