How the democrats could be neglecting protecting the U.S.

The GOP tax plan has passed in the senate, sending it off to a conference committee to finish finalizing the bill before President Trump signs it into law. The big question is, are the democrats doing what is best to protect you and your families?

Many are still reeling over the death of Kate Steinle as her murder walked away with only a 3 year prison sentence. Two other families are also still mending their homes after they lost their children to illegal immigrants. When it comes to sanctuary cities, they seem to not be following the rules under the federal law.

Just last week, North Korea launched a ballistic missile that is able to hit the United States. President Trump had a meeting with Defense Secretary Mattis to discuss budgeting and what the military will need to protect U.S. citizens. Next to President Trump, two empty chairs were Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were suppose to be seated.