How President Trump is playing 4D chess with his EO to Keep Families Together

So, I thought that was a great way to create some context with this whole idea of President Trump signing the Executive Order about keeping families together. I’m going to layout for you what I believe is happening right now. If you watch the “Big Picture”, President Trump is playing 5D chess with the Democrats and Main Stream Media. I’ll start with the headline. There was a headline talking about President Trump being boxed in and won’t back down. But I will say this, President Trump always brings back a boomerang. I’m going to show you why and how he’s doing this and you’ll chuckle. Why and how President Trump is now boxing in the Democrats. I want to start first with Crying Chuck, Chuck Schumer has come out and said “I don’t want to legislate this deal.” So, the Senate Minority Leader is saying NO. When have you ever heard of a legislator giving up his power to the Executive Branch?

Chris Berg
That never happens! That should tell you this is all political games. They are using these kids as political pawns. But, Chuck Schumer was on the Senate floor said

Chuck Schumer
I don’t want to do a deal because President Trump can do this. With a simple flick of the pen, the President can end this policy. If the President want to borrow my pen he can have it. But he can do it. Quickly and easily if he wants to. It’s on his back! The administration must end this cruel and counter-productive policy that has brought such pain to innocent children and so much shame on this nation.

Chris Berg
Can President Trump do it like he said with the flick of pen?
Let me explain why this may not be true. This isn’t about keeping things together. This isn’t about keeping things together. This is about, this might be , what are you talking about. This is about more democrats voters. It’s very easy. When I look at they, the old Obama strategy was not zero . This was the catch and release. You come to our border. You come to the border. You cross it. You have a kid or several kids or several kids. This is how it goes down. Border Patrol would say “You’re here illegally. We’re not going to detain you. You are free to go. We’ll notify you, with a court date that will come up when you can have a hearing. Six months from now, so until we notify you, you’re free to roam in our country. You got the borders being flooded. People going free. Assuming they’ll show up. Let me ask a quick question, what percentage do you actually think shows up for their court hearing? We were told these are illegal immigrants coming in assuming the context 50% will show up, but in actual fact only 3% of those people would actually show up. That means that 97% never showed up at the court hearings. Thus, they were free to roam about our country. Here’s how this poll game plan works. Think about this, with the DACA kids and other illegal immigrants that are here now. They’re good people. They’re filling jobs. They should be here, they’ve been here for a long time, not committing any crimes. We need to make them citizens, they deserve amnesty.

Chris Berg
That’s the game plan. This is not about keeping families together. This is about no prosecution so they can use the catch and release and then they say these people need to become citizens. Now, they will have a bigger stronger voting block and that gives them more power. I know it sounds brash but if you understand their game plan that’s what happened. Now, they have been boxed in and we’ll see if we are going to have judges that abide by the law or not. Here’s President Trump earlier today talking about signing this Presidential Executive Order to stop separating families to keep families together.

President Trump
We’re signing an Executive Order. I consider it to be a very important Executive Order. It’s about keeping families together while at the same time being sure that we have a very powerful border and border security will be equal if not greater. We’ll have strong borders, but we’re going to keep the families together. I didn’t like the sight or the feeling of families being separated.

Remember none of us liked that. The audio of the little kids screaming. Nobody wants to see that. So President Trump does the right thing, signs the Executive Order. What this means they’ll have the families still detained, but now in this detention center indefinitely but with their kids. This is where the democrats and the judges are being boxed in. Before we get to that I want to share with you how Chuck Schumer said all he need to do is a flick of a pen to change this. Here’s President Trump signing the Executive Order.

President Trump
We’ll have a lot of happy people.

Chris Berg
So you can see him there signing this, “Keep Families Together” Executive Order. Now, let me show you and explain to you the chess that President Trump is playing with this whole situation.

I’ll share an excerpt of this Executive Order. The Attorney General, filed a request for the Central District of California to modify the settlement agreement. That’s the glory of it – but it was a former AG. I’m going to explain why this is important. In a manner that would permit the secretary to detail alien families together throughout the criminal proceedings for any removal. Here’s what he is saying. What the settlement said was there was a judge that said you can have a zero-tolerance policy. You cannot keep kids in a detention center for more than 20 days. After that 20 day mark these kids got to HSS which pits them with families and things of that nature. Here’s what he has done, in my opinion is brilliant. He said I want to keep families together. That’s what they told you now. The only thing they want is to keep the families together. President Trump actually can do this, but now you have a judge that has to make a decision. Am I going to break the law and allow President Trump to utilize this and still keep these kids in detention or am I going to follow the law? Because now, if it happens where kids continue to get separated, the President can say I did my part. I signed an Executive Order, it’s the judge’s fault because it is the judge that said separate the families. That’s what is happening here. What can happen now with all the people, this is about the families and keeping them together. The President followed through. Now, it falls within a judge’s lap and is the left is going to be happy that he is keeping them together or as I said this isn’t about that? This is about prosecution. This is about catch and release. One important thing that could be pertaining to North Dakota is that another part of this order read the Secretary of Defense shall take all measure to provide the Secretary any facilities available for the housing and care of families and shall construct such facilities if necessary and consistent with the law. Why does that matter? Do you remember the story from January 2016?

There was a story that one of the places that Obama administration was looking to house illegal immigration was the Grand Forks Air Force Base. So one of the places that President Trump or Secretary Mattis may suggest is , Grand Forks Air Force Base. We’ll keep you abreast on that.
One last thing I want to share with you. I mentioned just a moment ago that you have seen people on the left, main stream media use these kids as political pawns to drive a narrative. They are trying to win back the White House.

I want to give you a prime example. This is Representative on the House Floor earlier today.

Representative Luis Gutierrez
I saw Americans everywhere across this country standing up for children. Standing up for those that are in need. Standing up for moms and dads that are being separated. Let’s celebrate that too, that America sees this cruelty and did not remain silent.

Chris Berg
So, we’ll see if Representative Gutierrez is correct. Is he going to say I’m happy that President Trump signed this Executive Order because he said I want to keep the families together ? It’s the judge’s fault that could separate them. But now, President Trump he’s a good guy. If he says that, I’ll give him a bunch of credit. I don’t expect that to happen. He’s using kids. It’s not right. I would love to know your Point of View on it. It is very easy to do. You can text us! Do you think I’m hitting this right or am I missing something?
Please let us know.

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