Healthier Me: Sanford's new study hopes to end confusion around breast cancer screening

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The Edith Sanford Breast Center is looking to end the confusion about breast cancer screening through a new study.

WISDOM, or Women Informed to Screen Depending on Measures of Risk, study hopes to find the right way to screen women for breast cancer.

"What this is going for is trying to find a way to screen women for breast cancer that is going to include more than just a standardized for the whole population," says Sanford Physician and Principal Investigator on the WISDOM study Dr. Andrea Kaster.

Women who choose to be apart of the WISDOM study have to be a Sanford patient, between the ages of 40 to 74, with no history of breast cancer.

They will randomly be put into two categories: traditional annual screening or risk-based screening. The study will determine whether a personalized approach to breast cancer screening is as safe and effective as an annual mammogram.

"This study is really going to get to, okay let's put these recommendations to the test, let's see if we can help to find which women don't need to be screened as often or as early compared to women who are higher risk," says Dr. Kaster

Sanford is looking to enroll 100,000 women into the study. If you are interested click on the link in this article.