Getting ready for winter weather

Pull the snowblowers out of storage. It's time to do a maintenance check ahead of the upcoming winter season.

Matt's Automotive Service Manager, Justin Hutchens, says to remove old fuel from the system. Like our cars, it's important to check your snowblowers oil and spark plugs.

If after all this, your snowblower is still running rough or not starting at all, Hutchens says to run carburetor cleaner through the fuel system. If that doesn't help, taking the carburetor off and cleaning it could be the next step before bringing it in to be replaced.

It's also time to put our winter survival kits back into our cars.

AAA recommends having these items throughout the season:
- Bag of sand or salt
- Snow shovel & ice scraper
- Flashlight
- Anti-freeze wash
- Gloves or mittens
- Emergency car battery
- Blanket/extra warm clothing

For more winter traveling tips, visit AAA's How to Go on Ice and Snow