Eating healthy at the office during the holidays

(North Dakota Today) - Profile by Sanford Coach Ashleigh Ackley shares some tips on how to continue eating healthy at the office during the holidays:

• Get an accountability buddy to keep you on track
• Make sure to get non-starchy vegetables at lunch
• Make a mental note of the places that are the most challenging for you. For example, the break room at work, co-workers or family members with candy dishes set out, potlucks, etc. Make a game plan for these situations to help you feel prepared.
• Plan ahead: time your food out for the day, have an extra protein bar in your purse/car/desk drawer. Protein will increase your satiety, keeping you full for longer
• Make sure we get enough water. It keeps you full along with the high fiber from vegetables
• Learn to say no politely. It’ll come in handy when your co-worker asks if you’ve tried their dessert they brought in.
• Bring in your own healthier snacks so you don’t feel left out when your co-workers get together in the break room to enjoy festive treats.