EXCLUSIVE POLL: What is MOST IMPORTANT to ND voters in 2018?

Chris Berg
We’ll get to the signing of the Executive Order to keep families together with this “Zero Tolerance” policy. We’ll talk about that. We start with some Valley News Live polling data. But, I want to show you tonight, this is more important. I want to share with you what’s most important to you the voters as of right now in 2018 for these elections. These are issues that you said “matters most to me”. First one, we always talk about , Economy and Jobs came in at 21%, Healthcare at 19%. My number 1 concern is no longer whether it’s healthcare. The Senator who voted to keep Obamacare in Place. Soon, President Trump will be releasing this plan so healthcare can be done through associations that will lower the cost. Another win. The tax cut making a big impact. Number 3, We’ll get into this tonight. Immigrations and border security. The Senator voted to fund sanctuary cities. You head her talk a lot about trade policy and the tariffs and the impact it could have on our farmers. Interestingly, this is where it came in, Number 7 on our list. 6% said that’s the most important issue.

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