Do you think Congressman Collin Peterson did the right thing?

Published: Jun. 7, 2019 at 11:14 AM CDT
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Why would Congressman Collin Peterson vote to allow illegal immigrants with gang affiliations (think MS-13) have a pathway to citizenship?

Here is the statement from Chairman Peterson on HR6:

“Getting a fix for Dreamers and making progress on our broken immigration system is a top priority for the business community, healthcare providers, and faith organizations. The right thing to do in my opinion was to give some certainty to children who came to this country by no fault of their own, were raised as Americans, and who are serving in the military, studying, and working legally in our country. I additionally support providing certainty for other legal immigrants, some of whom have been in this country legally for decades and working jobs in critical areas like providing care for seniors where there is a severe shortage of workers.

I was disappointed that House leadership blocked my bipartisan amendment which would have provided a solution for families like the Mulders from Rosen who came to the country legally and raised their kids as Americans, but are forced to choose between their farm and their family. The bill is not going anywhere in the Senate until it includes provisions for border security and enforcement, two things I strongly support. Partisan messaging on procedural votes like those on this bill will continue until a real bipartisan compromise is found that restores some sanity to our broken immigration system. I was also disappointed that our leadership added provisions that ensure no support from republicans. If it had been limited to DACA and dreamers, it had a shot to pass the senate. This is typical overreach that happens in the leadership on both sides.”

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