Congressman Kevin Cramer discusses the Clinton email investigation and more

Congressman Kevin Cramer joined us from Bismarck to talk about the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and more.


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Chris Berg: Breaking tonight, just one week away from Election Day. According to a new ABC/Washington Post poll, Donald Trump now has a one-point lead over Secretary Clinton in a nationwide poll. Good evening, welcome to point of view, I’m Chris Berg, thank you for joining us.

For the first time since the end of June Donald Trump is ahead of Secretary Clinton 46-45 in this poll. It's important to know these latest poll reports were taken after FBI James Comey renewed his investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Here is why this poll data is so significant. Secretary Clinton had a 12--point lead just one week ago. According to this poll her enthusiasm numbers are crate erring and independents are now strongly going for trump. Keep in mind, this is a nationwide poll so the big question is how does Trump get to 270 electoral votes?

Also breaking, Justice Department has sent a letter to congress assuring they will get the latest investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails done as soon as possible. The important news from this letter is the person in the department of justice heading this new investigation is the assistant attorney general, Peter Kadzik. Why is this important? He is great friend of campaign manager, John Podesta.

Back in 2015, Mr. Kadzik say, hey, I’d love for time to connect and help on the campaign. I've always aspired to work on a presidential campaign and have been waiting for some time for Hillary to announce so I can make this aspiration a reality.

So here you've got Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting with President Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Arizona during an initial email investigation and now the assistant attorney general in charge of this most recent investigation wanted to work on Hillary’s presidential campaign. Oh, by the way, Kadzik's wife worked on Bill Clinton’s campaign back in 1992. Let's be frank. Can our justice system have any more corruptness in it than right now? This is why Donald Trump is surging in the polls and why you hear everybody across the country chanting, drain the DC Swamp.

With us tonight in our studio in Bismarck is our own congressman, Kevin Cramer. Thank you for joining us. Of course we're not rearing to you as part of the DC Swamp but I do have to get your initial reaction --

Rep. Kevin Cramer: I'd take one for the team for her to go down.

CB: We're going to get to this Kadzik gentleman in a moment. I had to get your reaction when you heard the announcement that Comey said we're going to reopen the investigation into Clinton’s emails, and it's because of Anthony Wiener. You thought what?

KC: I thought you can't make it up. Every week there's something you think -- but you know, I thought oh, my gosh, like everybody else did. I will tell you, Chris, I have a tendency to step back and not get overly emotional about it, I’ve been a Vikings fan to have too much hope! To be politically speaking, I did step back and think what does this mean exactly and frankly I was waiting for information to come from our judiciary committee and other committee.

CB: With that being said and in your experience, sir, do you feel, I know this is somewhat information, maybe you've got inside info I don't have. Do you feel director Comey sends out this letter if there's not something that's going to show there's more to this than yoga classes and wedding receptions?

KC: If he's to speculate that way. It certainly makes sense. Even at that, remember, Mr. Comey, as we've heard all along is a man of great integrity. He does have a testimony before congress. He wants, if nothing else, to make sure that's full and accurate testimony. The timing of this revelation is not his fault. It's -- frankly, if it's anybody's fault it's Anthony Wiener and Huma Abedin's fault that it was delayed because they didn't turn it over in the first place. I think for him, confronted with the choices, his best choice was full disclosure because you get in the least amount of trouble.

CB: I hear there's mute any within the FBI. I want to move on to this gentleman, Kadzik, that he reached out to work on the campaign. In your opinion, should he recuse himself from this investigation?

KC: He absolutely should. If you want to wrap this with even more concern, let this guy continue. But I don't think it serves Hillary Clinton or the state department or justice department as well to have this often conflict of interest.

CB: Let's move on. Let's assume for the moment that Hillary Clinton ends up being elected as president of the United States. She steps into that role, obviously these investigations aren't going away. She would be the only elected president under federal investigation. How does this work in the house? I don't understand the semantics. Do you try to impeach her, indict her? What’s the pathway here?

KC: I wouldn't think right out of the chute, the FBI needs to continue its investigation. The house committee oversight needs to launch an investigation and start hearings. I would suspect the judiciary committee. But if the oversight committee would take it on and I expect they would, that could go on with an FBI investigation and justice department investigation as well. The biggest thing we've to do is exercise our oversight of the committee and other agencies, including DOJ, because they've proven to be a very partisan agency. Erik holder, the previous attorney general, you know, was held in contempt of congress, a contempt charge by the way was up held by a federal judge. It's a partisan organization to begin with. They'd be in our sites for sure.

CB: Don't forget Loretta Lynch on the tarmac, Huma Abedin. Have you spoken to Mr. Trump about the Dakota Access pipeline? If he were to win, what would be his first actions on it?

KC: First of all, I have not spoken to him about it specifically nor anybody else on the campaign quite honestly. What I think he would do, you know, he has made it very clear that he supports energy infrastructure development. He has made a major point over the fact that the Keystone XL pipeline, he would approve a new permit to build it out, quickly. $33 billion worth of infrastructure projects have been withdrawn by investors or eliminated or disqualified by bureaucrats. It's time to build our infrastructure. He certainly favors infrastructure development. He's a law and order guide, he has made that clear. If you're a law and order president, you have to take a pretty strong view of the Dakota Access pipeline as a legally permitted pipeline that deserves to be protected and built.

CB: One of the things people are upset about is the cost. The state capital was vandalize with oil signs outside the state capital saying you can't drink oil. Here's my question for you, I don't understand all the legislative maneuvering you do, but is there a rider that you can put in the amendment that says standing rock, you're going to get no more federal fund until you repay the Morton county taxpayer or north Dakota taxpayer?

KC: Could you technically do it, Chris? It would be difficult to do that. Tribes get money from various sources for various things. It is largely discretionary money so it wouldn't be impossible, but politically difficult. One thing we want to do is punish issuing the wrong people and realizing that this is an expense that's being born so far by the North Dakota taxpayers and county taxpayers. We're going to try to get that reimburse North Dakota some way through a justice bill or something. But the one area, one of the most relevant area where perhaps the money could be withheld is on building the intake while the intake is at standing rock itself since that's the heart of the whole issue. I hate to punish the is he citizens for something --

CB: But the North Dakota residents and Morton County are being punished right now. You say you don't want to punish the wrong people. What do you mean specifically?

KC: What I mean is that, sure, Morton county residents and taxpayers of North Dakota are having to pay out something they shouldn't have to pay out. That's not necessarily the fault of the citizens of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

CB: I just don't think it's fair to punish the rank and file citizens. We can work this out, we will do our best to get reimbursement from the state and county. But I don't think withholding funds for something as important for the citizens of standing rock would be the way to go.

KC: I concur with you there, I just don't think the feds will pony up anything, unless Trump wins.

CB: Congressman Cramer’s wife is traveling in North Carolina on a congressional wives Trump rally. Congressman as always, thank you for your time, sir.

KC: Thanks, Chris, we wish them well, women for trump in North Carolina, one of six wives there, running around the state through this weekend. So we wish her well.

CB: We will talk to you again soon, see if there's a pat to 270 for Mr. Trump. Stay with us, we're going to talk about a gentleman who is a yes on measure 4. He says we should raise the tobacco tax here in North Dakota. Dr. Eric Johnson. This gentleman who wanted to be on the campaign is now the assistant attorney general heading the investigation into the new email situation for Hillary Clinton. Crony corruptness at its best. Stick around for much more.

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