Cass County prepares for potential flooding

CASS COUNTY, ND (Valley News Live) - Cass County leaders called a meeting to talk about flood expectations for the rural parts of the county, and what is being done to protect those areas.

Cass County Engineer, Jason Benson, said there are two different flood fights for rural residents, flooding from tributary rivers and flooding from the Red River. He says there are certain areas to be concerned about, especially around the tributary rivers.

"In the area north of West Fargo up through Harwood and Argusville, we know there's going to be very serious flooding at or near the 2009 and 2011 flood levels," Benson said.

Benson also said the time to prepare is now. County leaders suggest following a few simple steps if you have a rural address:

-Check the Cass County website for potential water levels in your area.
-Once you have established the potential risk for your area, you will have a better idea of whether you need sandbags. The county is asking for volunteers to build 300,000 sandbags so they can be used for people in need.
-Make sure you have equipment ready, such as sump pumps and generators. They also suggest having gas cans, propane, and other emergency items.
-Sign up for CodeRED notifications. This will alert you to any major concerns or information you need to know.

They say it is all about being prepared for the worst and ensuring everyone is informed.

Northern Cass School District #97 has put out a request for student volunteers for rural sandbagging. They will be taking a group of learners (want at least 30) to sandbag for Cass County on Thursday, March 28th. Central Cass, Maple Valley, and Kindred are committing to this and it would be great if we could bring a full bus to help. There is a sign-up form in the office and you must be in good academic standing as well as have parent permission.

For more information about flooding predictions, volunteering, and other flood information:

Flood information from NDSU Extension: