Boone and Violet

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Howdy! The name’s Boone. I’m a big ol’ boy who will sing you the blues with my magnificent bay and howl. Like any good Bloodhound, I’ve got a keen sense of smell and can easily pick up a scent on the trail. I’m strong and dignified. Laid-back and lovable. Patient and loyal. Even though I’m a big fella, I sure enjoy snuggling. I’m looking for the right family for me. I’d sure love to meet you! Stop by the shelter and say hello. Maybe I’m the guy for you!

Meow! My name is Violet and I'm as sweet as a flower! I'm a chatty cat who loves to gossip and I'm a big fan of eating treats too. One of my favorite things to do is beg my human to scratch behind my ears—man, that gets me every time! I am looking for a household that I will be pampered in and spoiled rotten. I like to cuddle up in warm laps and snuggle on comfy chairs--so if you're in for a few lazy days, I'm ready to cuddle away with you!

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