Abdi Jama of Global Youth United makes accusations against New American Consortium

Abdi Jama, Executive Director of Global Youth United FM, makes accusations of corruption, deception, and much more against the New American Consortium.


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Chris Berg: Tonight's top story - corruption, deception, money laundering...these are just some of the allegations made against the New American Consortium

Good evening and welcome to point of view, I’m Chris Berg, thanks so much for joining us.

Who is the New American Consortium and why should you care? The New American Consortium is the same organization that used a City of Fargo intern to sign us up for the gateway for growth award brought to you by the partnership for a New American Economy. We brought you that story exclusively here on Point of View.

The president of the New American Consortium is NDSU professor Kevin Brooks. Kevin is the same person that we invited to come on point of view during welcoming week, it took place in mid-September, to talk about events and refugee resettlement. Let me share with you how professor brooks responded to our request to be on POV. This is just part of the email. Please note the contempt he has for you and I the average tax payer paying his salary at NDSU:

“I need to point out that it should not be our job” -- remind you, president of the new american consortium – to help your viewers understand New Americans. There is nothing that we can do in 12 minutes to explain the complexity of refugee resettlement to viewers who know little or nothing about the topic. Viewers need to educate themselves; the white majority needs to educate itself. If we were talking to an informed audience, 12 minutes might be appropriate.

Remind you that is an NDSU professor that you and I are paying his salary. We showed you this email back in mid-September on this show here, you can see the entire segment on povnow.tv.

Abdi Jama contacted me, executive director of global youth united.

Mr. Jama gave me notarized document accusing the New American Consortium of deception, money laundering and much, much more. I’m going to read you the first line of this document that Mr. Jama shared with me. On behalf of the Global Youth United, the board members have decided to remove ourselves from the New American Consortium. We have decided to leave because of the hypocritical leaders in the consortium. Joining us tonight is Abdi Jama, the director of Global Youth United. Thank you for being here.

This was shocking when you use words like money laundering, deception, corruption. Talk to us about your experience with Kevin Brooks and the New American Consortium.

Abdi Jama: Like I said before, my name is Abdi Jama, the reason I brought you this, after I came here last time, somebody gave me that link talking about Kevin Brooks. That’s why I brought you this. And I’ve been working with them for a year but before that I’ve been working with the so-called mastermind of -- when she was in Lutheran Social Services. To try to help us. So for those five years she had been putting us here until she resigned, which people are talking about was kind of corruption there, but i don't know about that.so we follow -- when she said she was going to help us. Then we tried to find grants and we were told oh, we're giving grant to consortium with your name, you know. When I confirmed them -- we're expanding this organization. We tried to say if you're expanding this organization, why are you using this name to help, when you're paying money, there was no money.

CB: Did you approve grants come in your name?

AJ: I didn't approve -- I talked to people in Fargo and some people showed me the grant, if you go to the -- you know -- they give us money from them. Then i had bush foundation to give money to, because consortium is supposed to be an umbrella to small organization so they can help us rise up.

CB: Who at the city of Fargo told you there were grants coming in and you weren't getting money?

AJ: I think his name is Yellowbird.

CB: Oh, yes.

AJ: He told me that. We give the money through you guys. So he showed me a page. So when I go to them, I ask, what are we getting from this, because you're saying you're helping us, what are we getting? And I was on the board member, too. So never sure how that grant came, just type something and show, this is how much we have. So when you ask how you got it and what kind of program you use to get the grant, you don't get that answer.

CB: I want to share with you, they've got their values up on the website. I want to share with you a couple of the values and give you a chance to respond. You can go to the new American consortium website and check this out. Value 3, upholding transparency, integrity, honesty. Value 4, creating trust and inch inclusiveness in our communities. 5, fostering success of all people. This doesn't sound like your experience, you say what to this?

AJ: I don't know what he to say, but there's nothing good with that consortium. I know we have people very experienced who are very good at writing grants to get the grant, but when the grant comes, they don't use it the way they ask for it, they will change --

CB: What do you mean specifically? Like say we use the money for what do you call it for sports, or for education?

AJ: Then when it come to the board it's changed to paying this guy or -- you didn't ask for it, you know, but the way they talk about it, like you have to ask what they want to give. You can't just ask what you want.

CB: Do you realize what you're saying is a pretty serious --

AJ: You know, I can show you. I don't --

CB: So you know that money has come in based on sports program, grant --

AJ: No, no, the consortium, I don't know exactly because they don't show you. I know money comes -- we work for five organization. When they ask for grant, they ask for help with organization -- so when they ask for that, we are part of the youth program, so we do after schools, you know. So, Somali community, they are there, too.

CB: You guys have a great point. Mr. Brooks, you're always welcome on the show. I’ve got 30 second, at the end of the day you would like to see what happens specifically.

AJ: I would like to see the donors. We know the money is coming in the name of our community in the name of numeric, but the money don't enter the community to help. There was more organization in this community.

CB: From what I know and I’ve not done a lot of research, but from what I know about Abdi, he's a man walking his walk. If you want to find out more about him and his organization, they're going out and trying to help youth in our community, globalyouthunitedfm.org. Please keep us abreast, send it to us if you find more and we will follow up.