2 more women accuse Matt Lauer of sexual misconduct

On November 29th, Today show co-host Matt Lauer was fired from his job after allegations of sexual misconduct were presented by a co-worker. Throughout the day, two more women came forward, one of them saying Lauer coerced her to have sexual intercourse with him.

Lauer's firing follows after Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein, Garrison Keillor and more have been accused of sexual harassment and assault within the entertainment industry. However, is the mainstream media being hypocritical?

Mitt Romney was labeled as a misogynist after his comments about having a "binder full of women" who he would hire to work for him. The hypocrisy comes in when NBC told Ronan Farrow he did not have enough evidence to run a story on Harvey Weinsein even though he had the woman and Weinstein on tape admitting to the assault.

What do you think?

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