Mahnomen mom speaks out against elementary school principal

Beaulieu says, "lf they're not going to file charges, I told them already that i will file charges on behalf of my son."
Published: Sep. 25, 2023 at 6:18 PM CDT
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MAHNOMEN, MINN. (Valley News Live) -

In Mahnomen, one mother is speaking out after a video was shared of her son being disciplined by the elementary school principal. However, some are calling it child abuse.

“I just couldn’t believe like, you know, that he actually did that to my son,” says Amy Beaulieu as she removes her glasses to wipe the tears from her face.

On September 14, Beaulieu was called to pick up her son early from school. She was told he got in trouble and was being sent home for the day. That evening, her son complained his shoulder hurt from where the principal held him. So, the next day when Beaulieu met with the principal to follow up about what happened, she asked him about her son’s shoulder.

“In his words, he said, ‘So I went hands on,’ and he showed me a hold like this, that he said he did to him,” demonstrates Beaulieu.

Beaulieu grounded her son and told him he couldn’t play video games or spend time with friends.

Then, the follolwing week, Beaulieu was sent a video of her son being dragged out of the cafeteria by the elementary school’s principal, Jacob Melby.

Beaulieu said she was so angered by what she saw. And she felt guilty for punishing her son.

She explains, “When he did get home later that afternoon you know, that’s all I could do was just go up and hug him. And told him you know like I was sorry that I didn’t believe him.”

The next day, she had another meeting with the school and law enforcement.

Beaulieu says, “If they’re not going to file charges, I told them already that I will file charges on behalf of my son.”

Beaulieu also filed a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Education. She say she wishes she had known about the principal’s behavior before enrolling her kids at the school.

“I learned that this not an isolated incident, that this has been going on for some time at the Mahnomen school with this principal,” says Beaulieu.

Beaulieu says she’s heartbroken over what’s happened to her son.

In regards to the principal, Beaulieu says, “I don’t think anybody in that position should be working there. A lot of people have said they’ve made complaints but nothing is done, but I would like to get to see something done.”

The superintendent of Mahnomen Elementary School tells Valley News Live that they are aware of the video and are looking into it. The principal has not been reprimanded at this time, but the superintendent says they take matters of student safety seriously.