Fargo Memorial Honor Guard vows to ‘Never Forget’

Fargo Memorial Honor Guard gives 21-gun salute in remembrance of 9/11
Published: Sep. 11, 2023 at 6:45 PM CDT
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MOORHEAD, MINN. (Valley News Live) -

September 11th will forever be remembered as a somber day.

“It’s something that will be with me for the rest of my life,” says Tom Krabbenhoft, Spokesperson for Fargo Memorial Honor Guard.

For Fargo Memorial Honor Guard Members, Tom Krabbenhoft and Jason Hicks, along with many other Americans--it’s a day they’ll never forget.

“I remember exactly where I was and the time that it happened,” says Hicks.

As the nation collectively mourned the lives lost.

Hicks says, “It always happens when something tragic happens in our country that brings us all together.”

And it’s impacts that continue to this day.

Hicks explains, “There was a great impact on all of us that were serving at that time during 9/11.″

“I had a lot of friends that have deployed out there and some of them didn’t make it home,” shares Krabbemhoft.

Krabbenhoft and Hicks firmly agree this day should never be forgotten.

“This day should remind us that we need to be on guard, because there’s always going to be some kind of threat out there,” implores Krabbenhoft.

“I would encourage you to read your history and attend a ceremony if possible, but you should never forget where we’ve come from as a nation and what we’ve achieved since 9/11,″ suggests Hicks.

Hicks says, one of the most important things to remember is, “What makes our country great is we can put aside all our differences and come together through tragedy.”

Adding, “God bless America.”