Property dispute in Sibley escalates to legal battle

Homeowner Theresa Busche says she's been osracized by the town because of property disputes with one of the campgrounds
Published: Sep. 8, 2023 at 7:18 PM CDT
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SIBLEY, N.D. (Valley News Live) -

Many people have quibbles with neighbors. But for one North Dakota woman and her family, it’s escalated to an all out property war.

The little town of Sibley sits on a lake in rural North Dakota just North of Valley City with a population of roughly 30 people and much of it comprised of campers that are only used part of the year.

“It just seemed like, like a little fairy tale piece of pie that everybody wants,” says Theresa Busche.

Busche and her family had been camping there in the summer for many years when they finally made the decision to live there year-round.

But she says now, this fairy tale has become a nightmare.

“Nobody deserves to live like this. In fear of what’s going to happen next and that’s exactly how we feel,” explains Busche.

Busche says, because of her boundary disputes with the campground next to her property, she’s been ostracized by the town. Saying it’s gotten so bad even her friends have become targets.

“We love them to death, they’re the only ones that always came to help us when we needed help because we’re both disabled, they’re always there, all we have to do is call if we need anything, they call and check on us. They’re awesome. All of them,” say Sheldon and Debbie Duciaume.

The couple says one day, Busche came by to visit and when she left, they say the campground manager told them, “Just for your information, they are not allowed on our property,” recalls Debbie Duciaume.

The next day, the couple received a hand-written notification that the campground would not be renewing their lease, naming Busche explicitly in the notice.

At one point, both parties issued restraining orders against the other, which have since been dismissed by the county.

Then, on August 26, Busche claims her father-in-law, Tom Busche, was assaulted by one of the camp-goers.

Ever since then, the family says Papa Tom, rarely leaves the house.

“I’ve put up with people like this all my life, but this is terrible,” says Papa Tom.

Busche says this is just the latest in a series of mistreatment and abuse from the town.

“We just want people to respect our boundaries is all,” says Busche

We’ve reached out to campground management, but have yet to hear back.

We’ve requested incident reports for the alleged assault, but law enforcement tells us they can’t release information on the case because, “probable cause has not yet been found.”