Fosston students fully-fund school supply list for entire elementary school

Published: Aug. 29, 2023 at 6:05 PM CDT
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FOSSTON, Minn. (Valley News Live) - Back to school season is expensive, and we’ve been telling you for months how inflation is affecting many parents more than ever. In Fosston, Minnesota, a group of students is taking matters into their own hands.

Back in the spring, student leaders -- a group of 17 4th-6th graders-- held a Pennies for Pencils drive to raise money for school supplies; but something unexpected happened. One student leader, Peyton Roed tells us, “When the school supply list came out we were all surprised because there were no supplies on it.”

The kids raised enough to fully fund the entire school supply list for all Pre k-6th grade students, so no parents at Magelssen Elementary have to purchase supplies this year. It came as a shock to the kids.

Nicole Halbur, a kindergarten teacher, tells us, “A lot of years kids walk in to meet the teacher night or don’t even come to meet the teacher night because they don’t have supplies. It is really sad because they see everyone else excited, and this is not what we want when you walk in our door. This is an opportunity for everyone to feel excited.”

Tuesday, the student leaders met at the school to organize and deliver the supplies to classrooms ahead of the first day of school on September 5th. They say it costs families between $60 and $80 per child to buy supplies, and teachers often buy many out of their own pockets.

Second grade teacher Lucia Rood says, “That very first day you’re scrambling to buy supplies for them. They’re feeling awkward because they don’t have the supplies they need or they’re feeling like ‘oh that student had the cool folders and I don’t’.”

A small idea with a big impact, and these students are encouraging other kids with big ideas, to take action too.