Minnesota cities within the valley make new ordinances surrounding recreational cannabis use

Several city councils in the valley pass ordinances surrounding the newly legalized recreational use of cannabis
Published: Aug. 18, 2023 at 7:04 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -

In the months since the Minnesota legislature passed the legalization of recreational marijuana, individual cities within the state have been discussing what measures, if any, need to be taken for their local citizens.

Many city councils are enacting city ordinances to essentially restrict the use of cannabis to people’s homes. With the use of cannabis being prohibited in areas such as public parks, sidewalks and parking lots. However, once the proper permits are available, some may eventually allow use at licensed events only.

In unanimous city council decisions, the cities of East Grand Forks, Detroit Lakes, Alexandria, and Dilworth, have all banned cannabis use in public spaces.

In a statement to Valley News Live, Dilworth Mayor, Chad Olson said, “Yes, the ordinance was approved by a 5 - 0 vote. The entire process continues to be a fluid one. We are at the start of a long process and I anticipate revisions or modifications may have to be made to ensure we are doing the best we can navigating the new state regulations regarding the use of cannabis.”

The city of Park Rapids is proposing a moratorium on the sale of cannabis.

We’ll continue our coverage on cannabis ordinances in the valley as the state of Minnesota also continues to find it’s footing.

A reminder for those on the living or traveling to the North Dakota side of the valley, while recreational marijuana is now legal in Minnesota, the law still applies to where you are, not where you’re from.