‘Swing Fore Support’: Fargo business hosts fundraiser for those impacted by July 14 shooting

The Fargo community is continuing their support of law enforcement officers with more and more businesses and community members making contributions.
Published: Jul. 27, 2023 at 6:53 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -

The Fargo community is continuing their support for law enforcement officers with signs, well-wishes, and financially. More and more businesses and community members are making contributions, including Suite Shots.

Suite Shots is hoping to hit an ace while helping the Fargo Police Department following the tragedy earlier this month.

Suite Shots Food & Beverage Director, Pat Lipsiea says, “Just start thinking about what can we do to play a small role in helping out.”

He points out that Fargo is such a tight-knit community.

“Everybody has a first responder in their life, be it in their immediate family their friend group, their social group, we all know folks that are out there every day kind of putting it on the line,” says Lipsiea.

The outpouring of support and empathy for those impacted by the tragedy is expectedly shining bright throughout the city.

We’ve also learned a lot about fallen Officer Jake Wallin.

Lipsiea says, “Such a substantial loss, such a young great guy who had the best intentions and just wanted to do what he could to help serve and protect his community.”

And while Officer Wallin was new to the Fargo, there’s no doubt he’s made a lasting impression.

”The sacrifice that he made and the sacrifice that the other officers made, possibly prevented tragedy that we can’t even imagine so ah you know there’s no way to put it in words but if you try, just thank you,” says Lipsiea.

And after everything our community knows it can never thank our officers enough.

“Just say thank you. There’s no proper way to articulate the appreciation to someone who makes the ultimate sacrifice,” adds Lipsiea.

The fundraiser goes until 11 PM tonight. If you don’t want to play golf there is an option for free-will donation. You can also enjoy live music and giveaways. All donations are going to the Leadership Care Fund.