Local kid mows lawns free of charge for first responders as part of the “50 Yard Challenge”

Alex says he wants to make sure those who take care of us are taken care of.
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Published: Jul. 19, 2023 at 10:48 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Many of you have been reaching out to us wondering how you can help our law enforcement and first responders, in light of last Friday’s tragic shooting.

There are many ways you can do so. There are GoFundMe’s setup for those affected, Lend A Hand Up matching donations, and other legit fundraisers are all great ways to contribute and show support.

One Fargo kid is putting his personal skill set to work to help ease some day-to-day stress for those who protect us day in, day out. Alex Lattergrass, 12, is mowing for a good cause. It’s one he and his family can relate to personally.

Alex has been hard at work since we last spoke with him about his lawn company, Alex’s Mowing Co.

“I’m starting this ‘50 Yard Challenge’. It’s pretty exciting. I’m still mowing lawns, picking weeds, having a good time,” he says.

As part of the ‘50 Yard Challenge’, Alex is mowing lawns for free for first responders like: law enforcement officers, fire fighters and EMT’s. Active military and veterans are also able to be a part of the challenge. When we tagged along with Alex today, he was caring for his first lawn of his commitment. It’s something he says he was planning to do anyways.

“Now, after recent events that have happened with police officers and stuff, I want to help law enforcement and first responders,” he says.

“I think it’s a really powerful way for him to utilize his skills to give back to the community,” says Alex’s mother Daniella Ramirez-Thiedeman.

Alex says he wants to make sure those who take care of us are taken care of. “They’re kind of focused on other issues right now. They might not have time to take care of their lawn or take care of their weeds. That’s something I can do for them,” says the 12-year-old.

Law enforcement and first responders are some of the people who hold a special place in Alex and Daniella’s hearts.

“We have a LEO family. That’s a law enforcement officer family,” says Alex.

Daniella’s husband, and Alex & his baby sister’s dad, is an officer with the Fargo Police Department.

“I love knowing he’s going to work everyday making a difference. I love the sense of pride he has in himself as well,” says Daniella. “I look at my husband like a hero,” she adds.

“Yes, I do believe he is a hero,” says Alex.

Our first responders are heroes to us all.

“Being able to see all the profile pictures be changed, support coming from the community on social media, it may seem so small. But it’s moments when the world feels like it’s crashing down on you and you see these little glimpses of light and people do care and support you,” says Daniella.

If you want to schedule a lawn care service with Alex, click here. He says his Facebook page is the best way to get ahold of him.