Have you seen this van? What health experts have to say about the “stem cell patches” it’s selling

Published: Jul. 11, 2023 at 5:17 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Have you seen this van? It’s been driving around the Fargo area lately, and it was raising some concern.

They’re selling “stem cell patches”, hoping you’ll try them out for a variety of ailments.

“We’ve studied it for three years. It’s new technology. It’s cutting edge,” says salesman John Flugge. Him and his business partner are selling LifeWave patches. LifeWave claims to “harness your body’s natural energy”.

“I talked to my cousin last night he had two knee surgeries. He had stem cell shots. He had over 70 different operations. I said, ‘Carl, you’re not going to need that anymore. Put the stem cell patches on. Let’s see what happens.’ His wife had a lot of wrinkles. In about three months, those were all gone. Women are no longer needing face lifts,” says Flugge’s business partner Michael Ayers.

Their hope is that you put on a patch for 12 hours, take it off for 12 hours, put a new one on and repeat.

“What we really believe is people are going to take this and get away from what they’re addicted to, as far as pharmaceuticals and not getting healed. It’s going to take the country by storm,” says Ayers.

The men say, it’s about copper peptides and turning them back on.

“They are the food for the stem cells. When the stem cells get their food, they go back and basically they repair the body,” says Flugge.

“Copper is supposed to be magic,” says Dr. Eric Thompson with Sanford Health Integrative Medicine Clinic. “We all want a better life for ourselves now and in the future. The truth is, we can’t get that with any type of magical supplement, nutrient or pill. We need to do ourselves a favor of taking care of ourselves in the moment by getting good nutrition, getting good sleep, taking care of ourselves with less stress, choosing better habits, socializing and being a part of each other’s lives. We can manage all that stuff on our own,” says Dr. Thompson.

Although, he says there are stem cell patches within the medical realm. “For cardiac attacks, like a heart attack, they can help regenerate new cardiac cells. That’s an implantable surgical procedure. There’s some good evidence on macular degeneration in eye implants that they surgically put in there to regenerate that type of problem in the retina. There’s some wound healing that can help with topical healing on your skin,” says Dr. Thompson.

He says, while the patches may not necessarily be harmful, a lot of those on the market are promising things they can’t deliver.

“If they are telling you they’re in clinical trials, make sure you confirm that with the FDA or get documentation that it’s an investigational drug that’s being tested. Then, they can’t just say it. They have to show it,” says Dr. Thompson.

We asked Flugge and Ayres if the patches are FDA approved. Ayers responded yes, before asking Flugge if they were. He responded, “It’s a non-transdermal, so there’s no drugs in it. Nothing in the patch goes into the skin. So, it doesn’t require FDA approval.”

The men have left Fargo, and are planning to travel across the country to sell patches. They have hopes of getting new vans and people to join their team.

“It’s simple technology. It works so efficiently on so many people,” says Flugge. “I’d say it’s ‘Star Trek’ technology. It’s advanced, future technology that we haven’t seen in a long time,” adds Ayers.

“Is ‘Star Trek’ true? That’s my answer to that,” says Dr. Thompson.

LifeWave’s disclaimer says, it doesn’t intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Dr. Thompson says, if you’re wanting to make changes in your life, Sanford Health Integrative Health Sciences offers some approaches to help guide you on the right path and achieve your goals.