North Dakota delegation responds to Trump indictment

From left to right: Sen. John Hoeven, Sen. Kevin Cramer, Rep. Kelly Armstrong
From left to right: Sen. John Hoeven, Sen. Kevin Cramer, Rep. Kelly Armstrong(KFYR)
Published: Jun. 9, 2023 at 4:41 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Former President Donald Trump was indicted for mishandling classified documents at his Florida estate, making him the first former U.S. President in history to face criminal charges by the federal government he once oversaw.

There are mixed reactions to the sweeping 37-count felony indictment. Below are statements Valley News Live received from North Dakota’s U.S. Senators and Representative.

Senator Kevin Cramer | (R) North Dakota: “DOJ is partisan and corrupt, and anything they do relating to former President Trump should be automatically dismissed. The Biden administration has zero credibility when it comes to its multi-tiered justice system. For a sitting president to indict his political opponent is chilling and should outrage every American. If Joe Biden had an ounce of integrity, he would tell his AG to drop the whole matter. I’m not holding my breath. Perhaps the DOJ should stop protecting the Bidens’ criminal activities instead of going after concerned parents and political opponents.”

Congressman Kelly Armstrong | (R) North Dakota: “There is a sign at DOJ that says “The Hallmark of Justice is Consistency”. There is nothing consistent as to how this DOJ has treated Donald Trump. If they had used these same tactics, James Comey and Hillary Clinton would be convicted of similar charges and serving out their sentences. It only takes months to charge President Trump with obstruction but after several years they can’t figure out how to charge President Biden’s son for lying on a gun form?”

Congressman Armstrong said he will support the Republican nominee for President, whoever that happens to be.

Senator John Hoeven | (R) North Dakota: “It is hard to understand why the National Archives has not worked this out with President Trump, and with the DOJ stepping in, the American people are concerned about political bias. This needs to be resolved as soon as possible without political bias to ensure people can have confidence in the judicial system.”

Though other candidates have largely attacked the Justice Department, rather than Trump, for the investigation, the indictment’s breadth of allegations and startling scope will be harder for Republicans to rail against than an earlier New York criminal case that many legal analysts had derided as weak. The 49-page charging document alleges that Trump not only intentionally possessed classified documents but also cavalierly and boastfully showed them off to visitors.

You can read the indictment here.