Fergus Falls Mother speaks out after infant dies in foster care

Valley News Live at 10:00PM KVLY - VOD
Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 9:41 PM CDT
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FERGUS FALLS, Minn. (Valley News Live) - A Fergus Falls mother is breaking her silence after her three-month-old daughter was found dead in a foster care home in January.

Amela Muratovic said early in the morning on January 16, she received a knock on her door from child protective services, informing her that her three-month-old daughter, Aldina Sulejmani, had died.

“I had a knock on my door, they said my daughter had passed away,” Muratovic said. “We didn’t know why and we didn’t know what happened.”

Amela says there are still questions that she’s not getting answers to. In a letter sent to her on March 8, records indicate after an investigation, there was a preponderance of evidence that children were not placed in a safe sleeping position in their cribs, Which is what the Muratovic family believes was the cause of Aldina’s death. However, all the details and timelines are still blurry to the mother of five.

“I don’t even have all the information,” Muratovich said. “What time was she pronounced dead, When did they find her, I have no idea.”

In other instances, Amela’s other children have been noted with scratches and bruises after visits with their respective foster family, which leaves her concerned about their well-being.

“You know they say took my kids away due to safety and to be protected.” Muratovich said. “If she was protected, she’d still be here with us.”

As for what’s next, Amela says she’s not done fighting for what she’s lost.

“I Just want those responsible to be charged,” Muratovich said. “There’s no amount of money in this world that could compensate for what we’ve lost.”

Valley News Live spoke to the Child Protective Services agent assigned to this case, who was at the Muratovic home at the time of our interview, but they were unable to comment.