From walk-on Tight End to NFL Draft Prospect; the rise of Bison Offensive Lineman Cody Mauch

Published: Mar. 4, 2023 at 10:36 AM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - It’s been an eventful time at North Dakota State for one of the top Offensive Lineman in the NFL draft.

Cody Mauch joined North Dakota State six years ago, walking on to the team after receiving no Division 1 offers. After making the leap to the offensive line, Mauch started to shine, eventually becoming an All-American tackle.

He now prepares to hear his name called at the NFL Draft. Something that never even crossed his mind six years ago.

“I wasn’t really thinking that big at the time.” Mauch said. “My goal six years ago when I was a freshman was to give it my all at North Dakota State and when as many National Championships as we can and whatever happens from there happens, but it’s pretty cool what’s happened these last few years.”

With moving up the draft boards comes a lot of hype and a lot of noise, but that hasn’t gotten to Mauch. Cody told us in Indianapolis that “I don’t pay too much attention to it. You don’t know who is saying this kind of stuff and it’s what the teams think that matters the most.”

He continued to say that: :”It’s always cool to see your draft stock rise. It’s been really humbling and cool since the senior bowl, just the attention you’ve been getting.”

While most agree that Mauch has become a late first round/early second round selection, there is still some mystery as to where he will play. Muach is viewed by many as a five position prospect, meaning he can play anywhere on the offensive line. While that level of mystery could be daunting to some, Mauch enjoys that aspect.

“I kind of like the unknown of who knows where you’re going to play. It’s been a fun couple of months. The Senior Bowl, one snap I could be here, and the next snap I was at a different spot. So that was kind of fun, kind of cool.”

If Mauch is picked this will be the third consecutive year with a Bison offensive lineman drafted into the NFL. We’ll see where he ends up in the Draft in April.