2023 NFL Combine: Bison Tight End Noah Gindorff makes long-awaited trip to Indianapolis

Noah Gindorff
Noah Gindorff(KVLY)
Published: Mar. 3, 2023 at 10:21 AM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Three of our Bison football players are in Indianapolis for the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine, giving them a chance to meet with and perform for NFL scouts, coaches, and executives before the draft in April.

Included in that group is a man who had to put his original trip to the Combine on hold.

Tight End Noah Gindorff was originally set to go through this pre-draft process a year ago, but a long-nagging ankle injury delayed that.

“I was planning on doing all this stuff last year. The past year certainly has been tough. Nothing really went to plan, but I am fortunate enough to be here today sitting here.” Gindorff said during his media availability in Indianapolis. “To be able to get the all star game invite, combine invite, all these things that I still have on the table in front of me, I’m still fortunate enough to be able to get even after this past year didn’t go to plan. So I am very fortunate. Hopefully I have a lot of football in front of me.”

That ankle injury required two surgeries and still has Gindorff sidelined from on-field activities. He isn’t doing any drills for NFL scouts besides the Bench press. While they won’t be able to see him run routes or perform other drills, Gindorff is getting another valuable opportunity this week to meet with NFL scouts and coaches.

“It’s been fun for sure, just being able to meet the scouts and do interviews and stuff like that, meeting all these other tight ends and forming that bond with them.” Gindorff said. “I got to meet with a bunch of the tight end coaches and scouts yesterday. That was really good. Got a lot of good feedback from them and got to know them better and stuff like that.”

The one aspect that may help Gindorff stick out is his blocking ability. In an era where tight ends at the professional level are getting as many catches and yards as Wide Receivers, a hard-nosed, physical tight end may be in higher demand.

Gindorff credited his blocking ability to the Bison offense, saying that “Coming from that Pro Style Offense where you have the opportunity to catch the ball, but also you’re there sticking your nose in and blocking all the time.”

“I could have gone some place else and maybe got those ten targets a game,” the former All-American added. “But playing in the offense I played in helped me round out completely as a player and gives me an opportunity to develop all assets of my game.”

Gindorff is expected to be cleared soon. He told us that he will be meeting with a doctor to get medically cleared in the week after the combine. He hopes to be ready to play for whichever team picks him up.