Jayson Shaugabay breaks T.J. Oshie’s record; sets new Warroad scoring mark

Published: Jan. 30, 2023 at 5:52 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - There have been some legendary names grace the ice for the Warroad Hockey Team. The Names in the Rafters tell the story of a dominant power in the state of hockey. Now, a new name has joined the ranks of the all-time greats, outscoring everyone who has played before him. Jayson Shaugabay has tallied 266 points in his time with the Warriors, surpassing the previous record of 241. That previous mark was set by Stanley Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist TJ Oshie.

“I can’t even put it into words.” Shaugabay said about breaking the record. “I honestly never thought in a million years I’d be able to do that. Everybody knows T.J. Oshie. He’s Oshie, you know? Everyone knows him in the hockey world. So to be able to pass his record is so special.”

So what goes in to becoming a team’s all-time leader in points? The aspects of Shaugabay’s game that stick out the most are his speed, elusiveness on the ice, and his shooting ability. But his head coach tells us it’s a special X-Factor between the ears that sets this prolific skater apart.

“His Hockey IQ is very high.” Coach Jay Hardwick said. “You don’t see players like that very often. For him to come in and sustain that success over the course of 3-4 years has been a lot of fun, a lot of fun as a coach to be a part of.”

The proud tradition of Warrior Hockey isn’t lost on Shaugabay. Although he is now the top scorer in team history, he still finds himself getting a bit starstruck by the legacy he is now a part of.

“You just sit in the locker room and you’re like, this is the same spot that Oshie and all these guys played in.” said the senior forward. “They all did the same thing that we’re doing, they’re all in the same spot we are. Not very many kids get the ability to play hockey where we do and the way we do it. I just think it’s an honor. It’s super special and I’ve very thankful and gratefult that I get to play hockey here.”

Shaugabay’s historic feat has caught the attention of people all throughout the hockey world... Including the local legend who’s record he broke.

“It’s been great following Jayson and watching him chase and then surpass the record.” said T.J. Oshie from the Washington Capitals facility in D.C. “Records were meant to be broken. My message to Jayson would be to keep on going. Set that thing as high as you can. I wish you all the best in the rest of your high school career, and obviously onto what I think is going to be a long and great hockey career.”

This is Shaugabay’s final season of high school hockey, coming back for one more year despite being drafted into the USHL. He now looks to finish out an already historic year by bringing a state championship back to Warroad.