A Little Warmer with a Chance at Afternoon Snow

Cold Sticks Around but Above Freezing Temps Possible This Weekend
Published: Jan. 30, 2023 at 8:02 AM CST|Updated: Feb. 9, 2023 at 6:51 PM CST
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This Afternoon:

We are currently experiencing clear skies across the Valley. There are some thin, wispy cirrus clouds here and there. There are also some thicker clouds trying to make their way into the Devils Lake Basin from the west.

The winds are in the 5 to 15 mph range which is nothing out of the ordinary for us, but when combined with these very cold temperatures, the resultant wind chill can become dangerous!

Thermometers across the region are showing temperatures in the teens below zero for everyone except folks in Sisseton where it’s a little bit warmer there.

Those wind chills, on the other hand, are downright brutal. We’re still seeing plenty of locations in the 40 below range. The bulk of the area is in the 30 below range, and there won’t be much of an improvement over this afternoon.

The Next 24 Hours:

This afternoon, we will have a little bit of a warm up. So me places in the south could see their temperatures rise above the 0° mark, but mostly we will remain on the negative side of zero as we see some deceptive sunshine. Clear skies will continue for the remainder of Monday.

Once the sunsets, we will be back in the deeps freeze. However, there will be a bit of a south wind that will result in warmer temperatures on Tuesday. Despite this warmer wind, we will still see wind chills in the negative 20s and 30s.

Our early risers will see a cold start to the day tomorrow, but not quite as cold. Some places will be a good 10° warmer than this morning. We will still have wind chills in the 30° range, but even that is an improvement over this morning.

By lunchtime, we will see a few more clouds slide into the area ahead of a very quick shot of snow that will move through the area during the afternoon and into the evening. Our winds will have calmed and some areas will see temperatures in the positives!

The snow will move across the Red River around 5:00 PM which could make the evening commute a little tricky, but not a lot of snow is expected. This system will just be some very light snow or some flurries. By this time, most of the region will be sitting above zero!

The snow should be moving out to the east by bedtime. Temperatures at that hour will be falling, but, again, most places will be in the positives. Our only negatives should be confined to north of Highway 200. And once the snow exits, we will have clear skies which will allow for temperatures overnight to fall back into the negatives.

The Next Seven Days:

MONDAY - WEDNESDAY: The cold will continue on Tuesday, despite a south breeze. However, it will be a little bit warmer. Our morning temps will continue to be in the teens below zero for most across the area. By the afternoon, though, we could see some places reach to the single digits above zero! The skies will begin clear but move toward overcast as a quick shot of some snow moves in during the afternoon/evening. Wednesday will be a bit warmer than Tuesday. The skies will be partly cloudy before transitioning to overcast. Temperatures will be around 10° below zero to begin the day, but reach up to around 10° above zero by the afternoon.

THURSDAY - FRIDAY: Our morning temps will be warmer on Thursday. However, we will see them fall throughout the day as strong north winds move colder air into our area. There is a chance to see some light snow in our northern Minnesota counties. This chance grows further east. The winds shift on Friday. The high pressure system that will bring the north winds on Thursday will bring south winds on Friday. As a result, we will see quite the warm up. We begin the day with temperatures near -20°, but we will end the day with temperatures on the plus side of 0° for some! Friday will be the windier of the two days.

SATURDAY - SUNDAY: Our warming trend will continue on Saturday! Thanks to a south wind, we will see low temperatures in some locations in the south above zero! High temperatures will be near 20°. It will be a little cooler in the north, where temps will reach into the low teens. The warming trend continues on Sunday! We will have some cloudy skies and a breezy south wind that could be strong at times.

MONDAY: Monday brings another shot of snow. At this point in time, it looks to be pretty light, however this system could develop into something more significant. We will keep you posted as Monday grows nearer. We will continue to warm, though! Morning lows will be around 10°, and some could find themselves above freezing by the afternoon!

Fargo Seven Day Snapshot:

TUESDAY: A little warmer with afternoon light snow. Low: -18. High: 3.

WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy: Low: -11. High: 7.

THURSDAY: Falling temps. Low: -11. High: 0.

FRIDAY: Colder and windy. Low: -19. High: 5.

SATURDAY: Warmer again with mostly cloudy skies. Low: 3. High: 25.

SUNDAY: Overcast and Warmer. Low: 8. High: 27.

MONDAY: Possible afternoon snow. Still warmer. Low: 13. High: 30.