Troopers in helicopter say they killed armed man in Detroit who shot at them

Published: Jan. 26, 2023 at 4:37 AM CST
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DETROIT (WXYZ) - Michigan troopers shot and killed an armed suspect Tuesday.

He had been shining a laser into a police helicopter cockpit before shooting at it.

It was the dark of the night, on Detroit’s Terry Street, just north of Fullerton.

Trooper Two helicopter was patrolling when it zeroed in on a strange, flashing green light.

Zooming in for inspection, cameras revealed that green light was a laser. Troopers inside the aircraft realized it’s pointing directly at them.

“We’ve got somebody hitting us with a green laser, rear of the house, upper window,” a trooper said.

Soon after, a man appeared in the same window, with an object in hand that troopers don’t make out as a firearm until he emerged into the backyard.

“He actually might be, he might be armed. He almost looks like he’s holding a long gun pointing at us right now. Yeah, he’s shooting at us right now,” a trooper said.

That is where the video ends. It was later learned that troopers returned fire, killing the man.

Authorities said the suspect, a 33-year-old from Lincoln Park, had been staying in the abandoned home where they ultimately recovered six firearms, including the one held by the suspect.

Trooper Two landed at Willow Run Airport for inspection shortly thereafter, determining the aircraft was not hit.

There were no injuries to troopers or to anyone in the public.

Police said even though it’s dangerous, it’s not uncommon for people to aim lasers at aircraft.