Shanley students make the trip to Washington D.C. for March For Life

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 8:44 PM CST
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WASHINGTON (Valley News Live) - The United States capital was populated with more than politicians, as 75 students from Shanley High School made the 24 hour trip across the country via bus to take part in March For Life.

“It’s unique to see them joins with peers from all over the country and they see kids just like themselves that are talented, that are here to do what they want to do, which is speak up,” said Father William Slattery, Chaplin at Shanley High School.

It’s the 50th March For Life 50 years since Roe V. Wade, but Father Slattery says the focus remains the same.

“We work by promoting a common ground and that’s what we seek to build. They see it’s done in such a peaceful way and it’s kind of inspiring for them then to go back and share that with their classmates.”

There were also counter protesters in attendance advocating for pro-choice.

“This is not going to stop abortions,” said Lara Knezebic, a counter-protestor. “It just stops safe abortions. There are going to be impacts such as like women’s, like right to live and everything, because abortions that are not performed clinically are really, really dangerous.”

Father Slattery says the students have a lot of learning to bring back and that they’re looking forward to an eventful ride home.

“We’re really excited to spend another day in D.C. and a night in the hotel, but that bus ride will be a good time for them to catch up on homework,” laughed Father Slattery.