‘Really sad’: 6-year-old devastated after snowman destroyed by vandals

Valley News Live at 10:00PM KVLY - VOD
Published: Jan. 17, 2023 at 9:56 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Six-year-old Alena Kautz was devastated this week after some kids destroyed a snowman she had built in front of her home in S. Fargo. The family caught the act on camera where the group trespassed into their yard and knocked over ‘Snowy’ the snowman.

“Really sad.” said Alena Kautz.

“We told our daughter and she just stared to cry.” said Amber Kautz.

The family’s camera showed the group of kids sizing up the snowman but soon ran off after they noticed they were being watched. Later that night however, they returned to takedown ‘Snowy’.

“Boys were running down the street, running down the sidewalk after they had just crushed our snowman.” said Kautz.

For Alena’s mom, she just wants these kids to come back and apologize to her daughter.

“It would mean a lot because times have changed. When I was younger you knew right from wrong and now kids get away with a lot more things.” said Kautz.

Our VNL crew helped Alena get ‘Snowy’ back up right. Found the carrot nose and replaced the buttons it once had. This six-year-old’s day was made.

According to the Fargo Police Dept. unwanted people that come onto your property can be considered trespassing.