Frazee parents raise concerns about bullying in the high school

During Monday’s school board meeting parents showed up looking for answers.
Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 11:00 PM CST
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FRAZEE, Minn. (Valley News Live) -Bullying in schools continues to be a hot-button issue across the nation including in the Red River Valley.

Our whistleblower hotline has received several complaints from parents about bullying at Frazee High School.

They say the issue is now out of control.

My daughter has been directed by the bullying and harassment that is happening here,” said Megan Rouseo.

During Monday’s school board meeting parents showed up looking for answers.

Many of those parents say the district still isn’t doing enough.

“This has been going on for months,” said a concerned parent. ”There should be some kind of discussion that at least we know you are listening.”

Rouseo says the alleged bullying is having a lasting impact on her daughter.

“My daughter has such bad anxiety that she doesn’t want to come to school anymore,” she said.

some parents have accused one student, in particular, of being the bully.

Quoron White, the boy’s father, says the accusations stem from a bigger issue.

“The situation started this year with a fight, where my son had been called racial names,” he said.

White says that his son did not report the allegations out of fear that the district would not act on the matter.

The father added that all of the claims against his son are false and that his son’s name is being tarnished.

“It’s ruined. The kids at school look at him a certain way. He lost some of his friends. We’ve had kids make threats towards him,” said White.

The school district hired an investigator last month to look into all of the accusations.

According to White, the report states that some of the acts his son are being accused of could not be proven.

Ultimately both parents are looking for the school district to step up and act on all bullying in the high school.

“Address it with students, with the faculty, address it with the community. Let them know there is not bullying on one level. There is bullying on all levels,” said White.

Rouseo added, “Do something please.”

School leaders say the information shared by parents at the board meeting will be looked into and discussed during a work session.

Officials add that the next work session has yet to be scheduled.