Minnesota boy receives first cancer treatment trophy at Sanford from girls last wish

Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 9:15 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - There’s a new award at the Roger Maris Cancer Center, but it’s not for the hospital. It’s for children who complete their cancer treatment.

The trophies come come from the Chloe’s Courage Fund which was created after it’s namesake, Chloe Fruth, was passing from cancer and made the last wish that other kids with cancer get the trophies that she so dearly loved.

“She got a trophy from her full-time nurse that took care of her in the hospital,” said Bruce Krabbenhoft, a director of Chloe’s Courage Fund and a friend of Chloe’s. “Her last wish was to be able to give all the of the kids that have cancer and make it through their treatments a trophy.”

“We wanted to start this program off so we’re going to give this to every kid that finishes their chemo here,” said Michael Burson, the senior social worker at the Roger Maris Cancer Center.

Sanford’s first recipient of that award was a boy in a familiar family we met back in september. Braxton Beyer comleted the last of his treatments and rang out in celebration in front of all his loved ones.

And shortly after, Braxton and his siblings received Chloe’s wish.

“The younger kids get so sad when we have to bring Braxton to the hospital,” said Mac Beyer, Braxton’s father.

“It’s like they know,” added Xolchil Beyer, Braxton’s mother.

“Now that it’s over it’s going to be one hundred percent bonding time between the three of them,” said Mac Beyer.

“Now they’ll all be together. That’s the main focus now,” agreed Xolchil Beyer.

Thanks to Braxton and his brave journey, one more child has helped Chloe’s last wish come true.

“Brave has been his word, has been our word though this whole journey so it fits him perfectly, said Xolchil Beyer. “He will be carrying it around. I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes it to school.”

Krabbenhoft says he couldn’t imagine Chloe seeing her dream come true for the Beyer family. “It would be unbelievable. Unbelievable.”

You can donate and fundraising events are held for Chloe’s Courage Fund on their website.