Minnesota State Senate candidates respond to political ad attack on GOP candidate Dan Bohmer

The ad attributes these claims to court papers from Bohmer’s divorce in Oct. 2021.
Published: Nov. 2, 2022 at 3:05 PM CDT|Updated: Nov. 2, 2022 at 9:59 PM CDT
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M.N. (Valley News Live) - The two candidates running in the general election for Minnesota State Senate District 4 on Nov. 8, 2022 are speaking out regarding a controversial political ad.

Republican Candidate Dan Bohmer says an attack ad by the DFL Senate Caucus is full of lies.

The ad said, “Bohmer recorded his son while he showered. He called his own wife a ‘c***,’ ‘stupid,’ ‘parasite.’ We should never call Dan Bohmer senator.”

The ad attributes these claims to court papers from Bohmer’s divorce in Oct. 2021.

His opponent, Rob Kupec, issued the following statement about the ad:

(D) Candidate for Minnesota State Senate District 4, Rob Kupec:

“In the last few months, former neighbors and family members of Dan Bohmer reached out to me privately to share that they had witnessed him abusing one of his ex-wives. I chose not to make this information public because I did not want to add to the pain of someone who had been victimized, nor was it my place to make the information public.

I was shocked and alarmed when I saw the ad that had been created without my knowledge by the DFL, especially its reference to minor children who may have been victimized. Let me be clear: the children of candidates should never be used to gain political advantage.

But it is important to remember that Dan Bohmer is not the victim here. Based on numerous accounts from others, the information in the ad cannot simply be chalked up as the result of an unfortunate, but messy divorce. We must support survivors of domestic violence.”

Bohmer released a statement of his own on his Facebook page Tuesday.

(R) Candidate for Minnesota State Senate District 4, Dan Bohmer:

“My statement to the voters of Senate District 4 in regards to the disgusting attack ad.

There is a despicable ad, filled with half-truths and unsubstantiated lies, that is running on TV and radio. The divorce I recently went through was hard on everyone involved, but it’s deeply painful and disgusting to see my kids’ names and these accusations broadcast at the last minute without a source or verification. I want everyone to know that these claims were dismissed by law enforcement and the court for lack of evidence and merit. The Democrats know that too, but they made and paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars for the ads anyway.

Sadly, it serves as a reminder that when Democrats can’t win with ideas, they attack with mud. They are lying in an effort to assassinate my character instead of talking about the issues that voters care about: historic inflation squeezing their budgets, crime creeping into our hometowns, and kids falling behind in school. If they had any real solutions to those problems, they would talk about them.

Our district is losing two Democrats who had character and integrity, Senator Eken and Representative Marquart. I find it hard to believe that the people who supported them would agree with the mudslinging that is going on by their party today. These despicable smear tactics may work with east coast liberals, but they go against our rural Minnesota sense of decency. I never imagined I would see these types of desperate smear tactics in a rural Minnesota State Senate election

I’m running to serve my community, as I have all my life. Just as I fought for our Nation with the US Army and the National Guard, I’ll fight for residents of Becker and Clay County in St. Paul and make sure their concerns aren’t forgotten. As a combat veteran and EMT, I have been through and seen a lot, all around the world, but this is a new low that is hard to understand.

I’m moving forward with a positive message of hope for our future. I know voters aren’t interested in wading through mud, they are interested in how we can best help them with their daily lives - making gas and groceries more affordable in face of rising inflation. I want everyone in our communities to feel safe and support our police. Your kids and my kids should have the best education in the country that prepares them with the skills to succeed. That’s why I’m running and that’s what voters tell me is important to them. You’ll never see a negative ad from my campaign that goes after my opponent’s personal life because in rural Minnesota, we are better than that.

I want to make one last comment: I am calling on my opponent Rob Kupec to disavow these disgusting attacks and request these dishonest ads be stopped immediately. Any decent person would renounce this despicable campaign tactic. If he is not willing to do that, I expect the voters will soundly reject this strategy on November 8th and vote Dan Bohmer for Minnesota State Senate.”

Bohmer’s children are also responding. He shared their statement on his Facebook page, as well:

“It used to be that family was off-limits in campaigns. But a recent TV ad paid for by the Minnesota Senate DFL blows that promise out of the water. The ad attacking our dad, Dan Bohmer, says he is angry, abusive and doesn’t support his kids. As his children, we know that could not be further from the truth.

The allegations in the ad were completely dismissed by a police investigation and a judge because they could not be substantiated - a fact conveniently left out of the ad. We all know divorce can be hard, and broadcasting these claims is a new low in politics. This desperate last ditch attempt to tarnish our dad’s reputation with false smears is disgraceful.

We demand this ad be taken down to stop hurting our family, especially our three young brothers, and spreading these half-truths and lies about our dad. Our dad, Dan Bohmer, is running for State Senate because he wants to make our communities stronger. He’s running a positive campaign focusing on lowering costs, improving our children’s education, and keeping our streets safe.

He’s a US Army Combat Veteran, with nearly 40 years of Honorable service. He is an outstanding father and grandfather. We will be proudly supporting our dad for State Senate and encourage you to reject this desperate campaign strategy and do the same. His lifelong commitment to serving our community, our country, and our family has prepared him to serve you well in the Senate. He has always been there for his kids and he will be there for you too. Please vote for Dan Bohmer for Senate on or before November 8th.”

- Justin Bohmer, Stephanie Jerger, Zachary Bohmer and Kaylin Kremz