Freezing temps could damage plants in the Valley

Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 5:19 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Summer is truly over as we head towards freezing temperatures this week. Which means outdoor plants and flowers could be damaged.

“Bringing it in at night, waiting in the mornings when it starts to warm up a little bit, bringing it out,” said Kale McCollum, owner of Botanical Brothers. “If you can bring it into even an enclosed patio during the night just to keep it out of the wind. That can definitely help it out as well.”

McCollum said people need to keep in mind about lighting, humidity and water. By making sure your plants have access to adequate sunlight and to not over water your plants.

“The biggest thing that we are noticing is that people are overwatering their plants quite often. So making sure you’re going in and getting the correct soil. I think can just help ease the process.” said McCollum.

The cold temperatures are right around the corner and the storm team at Valley News Live think people need to act fast to protect their plants before it is too late.

“Tomorrow you will want to start covering them up because it’s tomorrow night and Friday morning that we are expecting a good chunk of the valley, northern and eastern North Dakota to be sub freezing and potentially for several hours.” said VNL Forecaster Summer Schnellbach.

It’s about protecting your plants and flowers as we prepare for the another winter here in the Midwest.

Here are some tips to protect your plants for cold weather by Home and Gardens:

- Bring potted plants indoors

- Cover plants with fleece

- Place tender plants in a sheltered spot

- Water plants in the morning