‘No rock should be unturned’: Advisory board questions FPD after July 8th fatal shooting

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Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 10:23 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Months after the officer involved shooting where Shane Netterville died, Fargo PD presented their analysis to the police advisory and oversight board. While North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley argued that FPD did everything right in the incident, there are some that are not happy with what went down on July 8.

“It is Officer O’Brien’s negligent decision making and actions that led to the loss of life,” said Wess Philome during public comment. “He fired a shot that could have killed the passenger, just as much as it could have killed Shane Netterville, just as much as it could have killed the other two officers who were directly behind Shane Netterville.”

“36 seconds is all that elapsed between the time the officers arrived and started shouting directions at the victim.” said Brian Glaeske.

FPD presented their findings to the board, going over the timeline and showing footage from the shooting.

“These are very traumatic events, they’re very troubling for everyone that has to review them and involved in them. I think they handled that very professionally.” said FPD Chief David Zibolski.

Some of the committee members questioned the use of deadly force and precisely when Officer Adam O’Brien fired his weapon at the van when is accelerated. Conrad Thomas, who is on the advisory board, wants to go through all of the details.

“No rock should be unturned until the truth is actually uncovered,” said Thomas. “Takes dedication, it takes maybe more time in which is not allotted to try and dive into what is the issue and why certain events occurred and especially how you don’t repeat it again and that’s the biggest thing I believe.”

Some of the public comments asked why the officers didn’t announce who they were during the situation. Chief Zibolski gave a simple explanation as to why.

“The officers are in full uniform, no need to do that.” said Chief Zibolski.

Thomas noted the advisory board hopes the meetings help establish a better connection between the community and the police force. Which could include more allotted time for public comments.