‘They have to do something’: Car thefts a problem for residents and businesses

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Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 8:40 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Car thefts have always been a problem and 2022 is no different, and across the nation there has been a surge of KIA Souls being stolen based off of a social media trend called ‘The KIA Challenge’. Marwan Ali, the owner of M.A. Auto Sales has had multiple cars stolen from his lot.

“They are easy to break the glass and they start it right away.” said Ali.

In April, a 2016 KIA Sorento was stolen from his lot and the suspects caused severe damage to it. Then in late July, another KIA was stolen causing damage to other cars on the way out.

“So all of this I’m losing basically. I don’t see any protection from the government to be honest. I’m really upset to be honest.” said Ali.

Earlier in August, we spoke with Amber Dahl who had her KIA Soul stolen for the second time this summer. Dahl is believed to have be another victim of a social media challenge within the FM area. It’s called the ‘KIA Challenge’ made known by a Wisconsin group dubbed the ‘KIA Boyz’. Earlier this month, a Moorhead woman fell victim to this challenge. Videos on social media show people breaking off the under dash panels of steering wheels and using a USB cord to start the car.

Ali, who said he has gone to the police about these issues, believes not enough is being done by the city and the police force to tackle this growing problem.

“They should protect it, should be easy to catch them. To stop them, to put them in jail. Or something you know. They have to do something.” said Ali.

Fargo PD on Monday stated they haven’t seen a trend of KIA Souls being stolen at this time.

West Fargo PD has tips on how to protect yourself from car thefts:

- Lock your car doors

- Secure valuables

- Park in well-lit areas

- Don’t leave your car running