“He’s his own cheerleader. He’s energetic, happy, always has a smile;” Minnesota family braves child’s illness on the road to recovery

Published: Sep. 1, 2022 at 5:54 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - It was a busy day in north Fargo as 4-year-old Braxton Beyer hopped, bowled and even gave some tattoos.

“He is, gosh, he’s his own cheerleader. He is energetic, happy, always a smile,” said his mother Xolchil Beyer.

He’s completing his exercises as part of physical therapy for treatment after the Beyers began their journey in march when Braxton was diagnosed with Wilm’s tumor.

“Wilm’s tumor is the most common type of kidney cancer that affects children. In the united states about 500 children will be diagnosed with Wilm’s tumor in any given year,” state Dr. Kirk Wyatt a pediatric hematologist/oncologist at Sanford.

“The hardest part of the journey is your thoughts. You always think the worst as a parent. It’s scary but your thoughts are even scarier. You just have to trust in God and doctors and the medicine,” said Mac Beyers, Braxton’s father.

“It’s a whole lot of faith. A lot of faith,” added Xolchil Beyers.

Braxton has one more round of chemotherapy to complete, which his parents are thankful for, as well as the support surrounding them from their faith, family and hometown of Morris, Minnesota

“It’s amazing, that has helped us a lot the support of the community is incredible.”

“Family, community and our faith is what’s gotten us through.”

With the Beyer’s journey and September being the beginning of childhood cancer awareness month, there’s an important message for parents, precaution.

“Parents know their children best. If a parent is concerned about some unusual symptoms bring them to their doctor,” said Dr. Wyatt.

Both of Braxton’s parents agreed that if you think your kid has something wrong, trust your gut and get to the bottom of it.

Despite his condition, the treatments and the port on his chest, which he calls ‘his brave,’ Braxton shows no signs of slowing down. And while ‘his’ brave is on the outside, the real brave is on the inside.