Moorhead break-in may be linked to Tik-Tok “Kia Challenge”

Moorhead Break-in
Moorhead Break-in(KVLY)
Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 9:47 PM CDT
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MOORHEAD, Minn., (Valley News Live) - Tik-Tok trends have wreaked havoc in the past, but a new challenge has materialized. It’s called the “Kia Challenge”, and it started when two people in Wisconsin- dubbed the “Kia Boyz”- began filming themselves while breaking into and stealing Kia and Hyundai cars.

Their videos have sparked more crime across the country, especially in the surrounding states, and one Moorhead resident suspects that they were a victim of the trend just last night.

Tiana Taylor, a Concordia student, says that they caught the vandal red-handed.

“We both go to the side of the car because we saw where they were standing and my window- my back window- was gone.” Taylor says the vandals took off when they came running to their car.

This problem is far from an isolated incident. Police records show that there has been 20 reports of stolen vehicles in the past month, as well as a handful of other vehicle break-ins. Taylor reported to police, but without a description video footage, there isn’t much they can do.

“I filed a report and the police said that they know they can’t find the suspect, which kind of stinks.”

Busted windows are exactly how the Kia Boyz pull off their crimes- by breaking in and exploiting a flaw in the cars’ steering columns. To protect your car, consider installing an alarm, parking indoors whenever possible, and looking into ignition safeguards.

As for Taylor, they say they’ve been taking the city bus in the meantime, and they ask whoever is participating in these crimes- to just give it a rest.

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