‘This event every year gives us a little more closure’: Raising support for a hospice while honoring a beloved family member

Published: Aug. 13, 2022 at 5:14 PM CDT
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PELICAN RAPIDS, M.N. (Valley News Live) - This weekend marks the 7th annual JJ’s Hog Roast for Hospice, as they raise money for the Red River Valley Hospice and honor the memory of JJ Bruns in Pelican Rapids. Bruns was 28-years-old when he died in 2015 from a head-injury.

“This event every year gives us a little more closure,” said Jeff Bruns, JJ’s father. “Realize a lot of it is volunteer and whatnot but there’s people who need to get paid also and that’s why we try to raise money is to keep an organization like that up and running and we’re very fortunate to have them in this area.”

Through tragedy, the Bruns family kickstarted the hog roast to raise support for the RRVH. This is done through a silent auction, the roast, the car show and even some mud racing. All in an effort to give back to the community.

“Really think he’s smiling on us right now. No question that he would be very proud.” said Bruns.

Over the years, people like Shayne Munson have grown close to the Bruns family. As he puts it, JJ was his parts guys and would ride together. Munson has known the family over the decades and jumped at the opportunity to help with the hog roast when Jeff came calling seven years ago. Also, helping raise funds for the hospice means a lot to Munson, since he knows what family goes through when it comes to hospices. Since his mother went through one years ago.

“Hospice was there for us the last three months of my mom’s life and really helped the family out. The whole thing between the Bruns family and Hospice touched my heart.” said Munson.

In the end, the support that is raised for the hospice helps out families that are going through a tough time. Brenda Iverson, the Director of Marketing and Community Relations, said the aid from the community greatly impacts their efforts to provide grief support for families.

“We feel very privileged that an event like this and others happen and help support that cause.” said Iverson.

For more information on the Red River Valley Hospice, click here.

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