Investigation into 3 weekend shootings continue for Fargo PD

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 11:38 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Fargo Police are continuing to investigate the three shootings that happened over the weekend.

It’s causing concern for both police and people in the community.

The city has now reached a total of 5 shootings, so far this year, according to the Fargo Police Department.

“Whenever there shooting incident it’s concerning for the police department and the community as a whole,” said Captain George Vinson.

Fargo Police say the investigations into the three latest shootings from this past weekend are a priority for the department.

“18 different detectives and investigators that responded to these shootings over the weekend, spending upward of 100 hours working on these cases. That’s how important this is to us,” he said.

In the first incident, police were called early Saturday morning to the 3300 block of 35th Avenue South.

Police say a dispute lead to a 39-year-old man getting shot in the arm, but the reason for the dispute is still unknown.

“Our buzzer was ringing after midnight. The dogs were freaking out. Apparently, the person that was assaulted was buzzing everyone’s door. It was like they were trying to get away,” said Alicia Johnson and Nathan Evenson.

Both Johnson and Evenson say live in the building where they say the shooting took place. Now they say they have some worries.

“It’s a little scary. The town is just getting a lot bigger,” the pair stated.

Nearly two hours after that incident, Fargo Police responded to the second shooting on Broadway North.

Authorities say several people were involved in a fight before someone pulled out a gun and shot another individual in the buttocks.

The next morning, another altercation occurred near University Drive and 1st Avenue North, resulting in a third person getting shot over the weekend.

“It does appear based on the information that we have at this point that this shooting is linked to the shooting that occurred on broadway the night before,” said Vinson.

Following the three shootings, Fargo Police also say they remain dedicated to addressing gun violence.

“As such, we throw a lot of resources to ensure these are investigated in a timely manner and that we are getting down to justice for our victims and for our community,” Vinson said.

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