WE Fest shut down temporarily for severe weather

Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 6:18 PM CDT
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DETROIT LAKES, MN (Valley News Live) - WE Fest is currently shut down for severe weather. We will continue to update.

On Friday, the temperatures soared in the Red River Valley. Despite the hot weather, the staff at WE Fest are prepared for any kind of circumstances.

“One advantage we have is 39 years at this location with this weather during this weekend,” said Mark Bjerke, the general manager at WE Fest. “We’ve had hot weather, we’ve had cold weather, we’ve had rain. We’re prepared for all of it.”

According to Bjerke and the WE Fest staff, there is a lot of contingency plans in place. They know what to do when there is lighting and they have people shelter in cars. When there is hot weather, there is hydration stations in place with free water. All of this is designed to provide a safe environment for the fans and the talent on stage.

“Well it’s a good thing to know they can go and they can get out of this and stuff. Works out great.” said Richard Erickson, a WE Fest staff member.

Bjerke also pointed out that people need to keep hydrating and find shade, especially with the hot temperatures. He noted that people need to be responsible as well.

“If you’re responsible you should be ok, but if you’re a little bit neglectful and sitting out in the sun too long and not hydrating then we’ll watch for those people and we have groups that will assist that.” said Bjerke.

WE Fest continues this weekend, with cooler temperatures being forecasted.

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