Neighbor speaks out about today’s Jamestown stand-off

Many homes and a nearby daycare were evacuated while officials contacted the suspect.
Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 10:55 PM CDT
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JAMESTOWN, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A several-hour-long standoff with police, in Jamestown, today ended with 41-year-old Kevin Garnica in custody.

Many homes and a nearby daycare were evacuated while officials contacted the suspect.

Terry Bell and his wife got a knock on their apartment door, Thursday morning.

“A guy came over and said we needed to evacuate, and there was a shooter down the street. We figured if it were down the street and since we have nowhere to go, we just stayed in the house,” he says.

The problem was closer than down the street. Police say, in the neighboring apartment, a woman had just escaped, after Garnica held her, against her will. Then, police say Garnica barricaded himself in, with a knife and a gun, just before 11 am.

“We figured we made a mistake. We should’ve left,” says Bell.

Bell says once he and his wife realized what was going on, they put as many walls between themselves and the action as they could--while staying as close to the front of their home as possible.

“So, that way, we could see where the police were moving to and where everyone was going,” he says.

Police say Garnica made threats over recent weeks that he would injure or kill law enforcement, and he had warrants out for his arrest in Pierce County. They used a robot to bring him a phone and establish contact.

...But then.

“About, almost noon, we heard about four shots coming from one of the officers. Then it was quiet for quite sometime after that,” says Bell.

Police say, just before 2 pm, Garnica tried to run with a large knife, but went back into the apartment.

Right before 4:30 pm, police used tear gas and pepper spray to get him to surrender.

Garnica and several other officers were treated at the scene for exposure to the gas, and Garnica was taken to a local medical center to treat his minor injuries.

Police say reports are being forwarded to the Stutsman County State’s Attorney, for formal charges.

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