‘Bill, thanks for being with us’: Former Clay County Sheriff remembered by the community

Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 6:28 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - The Red River Valley community remembered former Clay County Sheriff Bill Bergquist, who died on Friday. Law enforcement agencies cross the region honored Bergquist while he was being transported from the hospice to the funeral home.

“Bill had a good heart. He cared about people, he was a good guy. He was a nice guy,” said Brian Norberg, who had been friends with Bergquist since they were in kindergarten. “I guess the effect he had on this community and the whole region is a positive one.”

Bergquist was and still is a beloved figure in the community. Many people on our Facebook page poured out support to the man who impacted many lives. He was also a brother and mentor figure to many in law enforcement.

“The past couple days have been a plethora of memories going on and stories being told over at the hospice,” said Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting. “When I got the news today, obviously just sadden by it because the community lost just a great person.”

The former sheriff was in the police force for over 40 years and served as the Clay County Sheriff from 2003 to 2018. His career was spent serving and helping the communities of Glyndon, Moorhead, Dilworth and many others. He ended up retiring in 2019, with Sheriff Empting taking over. Many have said that Bergquist left behind a lasting legacy.

“I think someone like that really helps tie the community together, and it leaves a legacy that people don’t forget.” said Dan Lin over the phone.

“Well I’m glad he has so many supporters and that just shows how much he touched other people’s lives of his loving community that is supporting him.” said Christopher Jones.

For Empting, he remembers fondly the memories he built over the years with Bergquist. From the days hitting the roads driving together, to learning from him day in and day out. Bergquist’s impact will continue to be felt through many generations.

“No secret that Bill was a heck of a mentor to me. I started riding with Bill back when I was a teenager because I had interest in law enforcement and he took me under his wing.” said Empting.

Norberg knew Bergquist for a very long time. Went to kindergarten and high school together. Served in the Clay County Sheriff’s office together. A friendship that spans over six decades.

“You would see Bill, he was a working sheriff. He was out there, he would be directing traffic. He was out and about and meeting the people, and he had a good heart,” said Norberg. “Bill, thanks for being with us. Thanks for being with us and doing what you did for community and the community of Dilworth, but the county of Clay and really the whole region. Thanks for everything.”

Bergquist was 64-years-old.

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